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in motorized electric golf push carts.

What is Club Booster V2 by Alphard Golf?

Club Booster V2 by Alphard Golf turns your manual push cart into a remote-controlled motorized electric golf caddy.

Simply remove the existing back wheels of your manual push cart and install our custom brackets made specifically for your current push cart model.

Club Booster V2 includes all the features of a premium electric golf push cart at a fraction of the price.

Electric Golf Caddy Features

6 Axis Gyroscope

An integrated 6-axis gyroscope detects the terrain of the golf course every 10 milliseconds and makes sure your caddy goes straight even as it crosses hills, bumps and slopes. The gyroscope keeps your cart going at the right speeds in the right areas and prevents unwanted deviations or tumbles as you walk the course.

Cruise Control

As the Hall sensors in the motors detect a downhill slope, Club Booster V2 automatically sets a nice, even-paced controlled descent. Your gear will arrive safely at the bottom of the hill without risking damage or even a scratch.

Electronic Parking Brake

Need to stop on an incline? The electronic parking brake will keep your buggy from rolling down the hill as you chip on.

Distance Timers

Send your clubs ahead of you while you play the green. Club Booster V2 comes with distance timers that let you automatically send your cart 15 and 30 yards out with a single button.

Swappable Battery

The 5,200mAh Lithium-ion battery is guaranteed to last up to 300 cycles — which means it’ll last you years before needing replacement. Each battery is equipped with an overcurrent, over-heat, overcharge and discharge protection circuit, so you know your Club Booster V2 is always in good hands.


Club Booster V2 is weather-proof and user may use Club Booster V2 in the rain but will recommend not to play in heavy rain which might have moisture buildup and cause issue. Avoid hosing down V2 with high pressure hose and we recommend user to wipe down dirt and grass using a damp cloth. In case of V2 face panel is removed due to repair or check up, it is critical to re-apply silicon grease on white tape underneath the face panel, in order to reinforce the water resistance

Effective and Efficient Engineering

Gearless and brushless hub motors make Club Booster super quiet, extremely efficient and incredibly powerful. Unlike other electric buggies that use geared brush motors, Club Booster V2 motors have virtually no friction points. This means all the energy produced by the motor is directly translated to kinetic energy with very little loss. It also means Club Booster V2 experiences significantly less wear and tear and needs almost zero maintenance in the long run. With Club Booster V2, you’ll turn your push buggy into a faster, more powerful, ultra-silent electric caddie that will last longer, even without maintenance.

APP Enabled

The only electric buggy with an app(Huh? Yes, that's right!). It communicates with Club Booster V2 via Bluetooth, enabling customizations such as setting the default speed, turning radius, etc. It also acts as a backup remote in case the physical remote is lost or out of power. Best of all, we provide firmware updates periodically and it can be downloaded through the app.

Technical Specifications

Dimension(Extended): 33" x 11" x 11"

Dimension(Collapsed): 25" x 11" x 11"

Weight: 21lbs. + Battery (4lbs.)

Motors: 2 x 180W Hub Motor

Incline: 30 Degrees

Remote Range: 50 Yards

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The Benefits of Electric Golf Push Carts

Some people call it a motorized golf push cart, some people say electric golf caddy, and others just call it a remote controlled golf cart.

It doesn't matter what you call it, what matters is that you find the right electric golf caddy for you.

Reason #1 - Electric Golf Push Carts are Better for your Health

To use a motorized golf push cart, you must actually walk the entirety of the golf course - which has immense health benefits!

Walking a full 18-hole golf course is the same as walking 6-7 miles, and you will burn double the amount of calories as you would if you were to drive a golf cart.

And the best part?

Unlike a traditional golf push carts that you have to drag around for 3 hours, an electric golf push cart does all of the heavy-lifting for you!

Golfers have to deal with way too many injuries as it is - the last thing that you need to do is to subject your shoulders, back, and elbows to the anarchy that is lifting a 15lbs golf bag for 4 hours.

Walk the course, but respect your muscles and joints. Go electric.

Reason #2 - Electric Golf Push Carts Can Improve Your Game

Walking the golf course with a trolley has its benefits and can definitely help your game.

It keeps your blood pumping, which releases more endorphins, which keeps you in peak performance.

And if you walk with an ELECTRIC push cart, it means that you get the benefits of the improved performance, but without draining yourself in the process.

Dragging around a heavy bag or iron golf clubs gets tiring. Enjoy the best parts of walking the course and leave behind the worst parts. Go electric.

Reason #3 - You Can Appreciate the Little Things

And finally, the last reason why electric golf push carts are the best - they help you appreciate the little things.

Walking enables you to be one with the golf course. You get to feel it, see it, smell it, and experience it in all of its beauty.

You will be more likely to appreciate all of the little nuances that you never were able to notice before.