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Alphard Golf Club Booster V2
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Remote-Controlled electric golf caddy remote V2
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Alphard Club Booster V2

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Easily convert your push cart into an electric golf caddy with remote. 

Two Year Warranty and Free Shipping to contiguous USA.

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Effortlessly maneuver your cart across any terrain with the peace-of-mind that it can conquer any hill and it won’t tip over. We believe it's the most stable cart in the world!

Award-Winning Club Booster V2 Features:

  • Remote Controlled (and use our phone app as a backup!)
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope (keeps cart tracking straight on side slopes)
  • Downhill Speed Control (cart will never run away from you)
  • Two-Year Warranty (even long after the warranty, we're here to help!)
  • Automatic Parking Brake (no need to push any buttons, cart stays in place on any hill)
  • Free Anti-Tip Wheels (durable and strategically designed to prevent tipping regardless of the slope or steepness)
  • Free-wheel Mode (simply push a button and you can operate freely without any power).



  • We've all been there, it's an ego check to stop carrying or pushing, but do you really think that being hunched over while pushing a cart, or leaning to one side as you sling your bag over your shoulder is going to lead to a happier back in the long run?
  • Or how about bouncing around in a riding cart all day? Getting in and out of the cart and sitting in between shots is no way to maintain a healthy back (or heart!).


  • Instead of wasting your energy pushing or carrying your golf clubs, finish your round strong with fresh legs and a happy back. Just read some of our reviews to how this extra energy has helped our customer play better. 
  • A study published on PGATOUR website measured the same golfers playing nine holes using three different methods of transporting their golf clubs. On average, when the golfers carried their bags, they scored 45, when they rode in a cart, they scored 43, and when they walked with a push cart they scored 40!


  • A study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet collected data on over 300,000 golfers over a fifteen-year period. They found the death rate for golfers is 40 percent lower than for other people of the same sex, age, and socioeconomic status.
  • This corresponds to a 5-year increase in life expectancy. 

Extend your golfing career by years by starting to take care of your body today. The older version of yourself will thank you later!


  • Club Booster V2
  • (Collapsed): 25" x 11" x 11" and (Extended): 33" x 11" x 11"
  • 19 lbs. (plus an additional 4 lbs. for battery).
    • Lithium-ion, rated for 500 cycles (lifespan will vary with usage and proper care). 
    • Charge in any standard wall outlet. Fully charges in about 3-4 hours.
    • Guaranteed to last 18 holes under warranty, but can last up to 36 holes depending on conditions.
    • Comes with a universal charger suitable for line voltage between 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz input, 42VDC 1.5A MAX output.
    • Weighs about 4 lbs. 


    Patent number: US10953905